Workshop by a UX Studio in Milan in partnership with a private medical care company and the Politecnico di Milano. 
The problematic was related to supporting patients’ communities in their daily lives, aside from their medical treatment, creating a continuous added value care experience for the patients. We worked in the field, in the Corvetto neighborhood and in direct contact with patients, caregivers and medical staff, focusing the result in a user-centered perspective. The challenge was to understand users’ expectations while dealing with mobility problems, and envision how to fulfill them by developing solutions meaningful related to their context.

Team: Alejandra Abal, Antonella Paparella, Agustín Pedeyra Decara, Junyang Wan, Giulia Stringa
Politecnico di Milano - July 2017
Is a way to keep track of the treatment, extending the moment of caring. It is a Product-Service-System that links patients and specialists through a toolbook.

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